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New Prophecy From Charlie Shamp: “A trumpet blast coming so loud it cannot be ignored; giant falls


Charlie Shamp is one of those guys that just reminds me of how the Old Testament prophets must have been.

A bit unlike the rest of us.

Living partially in the now and partially in what they see in the future.

To them, it has already happened because they’ve seen it.

So they can seem a bit “weird” to us.

The prophets in the Old Testament were often outcasts, roaming the wilderness and eating wild locusts and honey.

They march to the beat of their own drummer.

They look different.

They act different.

But you can tell the real ones.

They don’t back down, they don’t waver.

I put Charlie Shamp in that category.

And he just released a new recording that you have to hear.

It’s called the Sound of the Trumpet.

Hmmmm, TRUMPet, huh?

He says something really big is coming to finally expose all the demonic evil that has rooted itself in our government for decades.

He says not just a “whistleblower”…..but a trumpet blast will sound so big and so loud that it will be impossible to ignore!

Probably not a literal TRUMPet blast, but what he’s saying is something so big will happen that even the Crooked Media will no longer be able to ignore it.

Not just affidavits.

Not just a whistleblower.

But something so massive that it will shake the country.

He said an ax will be placed at the foot of the Democrat tree and it WILL be chopped down… Donald Trump.

Please….watch this and enjoy:

Some comments….

These are SO good:

And a backup.

From Rumble:


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