386 Unopened Ballots Are Discovered In Wisconsin Recount


No surprise here.

386 unsealed ballots from a Milwaukee neighborhood were discovered Tuesday during the presidential recount in Wisconsin.

The Executive Director for the Milwaukee Election Commission response to the blunder was “it seems like it was a human error on Election Day,”.

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Well, at least the Executive Director let us know it was a human who made a mistake and not an alien from space.

What a joke, there’s never any accountability from election officials the only thing we keep hearing is oops.

Fox News covered the mishap and added these details:

Nearly 400 absentee ballots from Milwaukee, Wis. were not opened by Election Day, a recount paid for by President Trump’s team found.

The mistake was due to human error, the city’s election officials announced.

President-elect Joe Biden won Wisconsin by 20,600 votes. Trump had paid for a recount in just Milwaukee and Dane counties, the counties with the most votes for Biden.

The campaign paid $3 million dollars for the partial recount, as mandated by state law, hoping to discover and reject ballots with missing addresses allegedly filled by election officials.

TMJ 4 News wasn’t quiet and added this:

386 unopened ballots from a south side Milwaukee neighborhood were discovered Tuesday morning during the ongoing presidential recount, elections officials say.

“It seems like it was a human error on Election Day,” Claire Woodall-Vogg, Executive Director for the Milwaukee Election Commission, told reporters.

“All of the unopened ballots were on the bottom, with all of the open certificate envelopes on top,” Woodall-Vogg said. “And knowing how thorough we are at Central Count, I have no doubt that they brought these ballots up to the table saying that they were complete, not indicating to anyone that half of the ward was missing.”

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