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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Exposes SmartMatic and Sequoia Back In 2006 On CNN!



This is pretty incredible.

Many thanks to dnajlion7 for finding this very old clip from Lou Dobbs back when he was on CNN!

From 2006.

In this clip, Dobbs investigates SmartMatic and how it stole the election for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Folks, we knew about it all the way back in 2006.

It is absolutely CRIMINAL that this was allowed to continue to be used in America in the 14 years following.

Now, let me ask you a question….

Donald Trump is always 5 steps ahead of his opposition.

Do you REALLY think Lou Dobbs knew about this back in 2006 and Trump was caught off-guard in 2020?

No way.

He knew and he laid a genius trap.

Trust me, it will ALL come out VERY soon.

Watch this clip from 2006:

And because YouTube will surely delete that soon, I have a backup.

From Rumble:

For even more on this topic, watch these from my friend dnajlion7.

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They are really good.

Excellent journalism.

Here you go:


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