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Laura Ingraham: Republican Victories “All Because of Trump,” Urges Optimism

Ingraham say Biden is essentially planning to run a "third Obama term," "only worse."


I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: This isn’t over.

However, while the rest of us continue the fight, more members of the media are calling this election for Joe Biden.

That said, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has a much more optimistic take on the situation, regardless of what happens next.

According to Ingraham, all the victories and successes attained in these last 4 years are “all because of Trump,” including Republican victories in the House.

Ingraham also said that moving past 2020, President Trump “will still be the most important person in American politics if he wants to be.”

Here's Fox News with more on Ingraham's claims:

Ingraham then discussed reasons for conservatives to be optimistic, noting that Biden's early Cabinet choices include Obama-era stalwarts who created the problems that led to the rise of Trump in the first place. Former Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., will be tasked to fight climate change with taxpayer money, while Obama loyalist and former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is his choice for Treasury secretary.

"Biden's entire administration is basically going to look like a rerun of the series canceled four years ago, except this time without its popular leading man: Obama," Ingraham said. "Now we know what they are going to do -- what Obama did, but it's going to be worse. He's picking mostly bland retreads to his Cabinet."

Meanwhile, she said, Trump can best serve the Republican and conservative cause by going to Georgia to campaign for Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue ahead of the crucial Jan. 5 runoff elections in that state. If both Republican candidates win and cement two more years of a GOP majority in the upper chamber, Ingraham went on, the party's resistance to Biden's unfettered globalism will gain strength.

"Unlike those who gather and pine about the end of national borders, unlike those who tear down our history and spit on law enforcement, we believe in the goodness of our people and the righteousness of our founders and our constitution," she said. "We believe our independence cannot be sublimated to a global order determined by unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels or in Paris.

"And that means we need President Trump to continue advocating for American exceptionalism and continue reaching out to communities who have been lied to or poorly served for generations."

This Hill has more:

“There is no reason that every state can’t be like Florida or Texas and call this thing on election night,” she said. “This cannot turn out to be a permanent ‘find the votes you need’ game to bury Republicans. No way."

Ingraham also touted what she said were the president’s successes during his time in office, noting that more than 73 million Americans voted for him in the election. She also touted Republican gains in the House, and noted that Trump could help the GOP win the Georgia senate runoffs in January.

Those two races will determine which party holds the Senate majority.

“Trump remains the most compelling voice in American politics,” Ingraham said. “And this Thanksgiving, we should all be incredibly grateful for his service to our country and his sacrifices for this country.”

Ingraham is right on several points, but many American question her for calling this election in favor of Biden already.

As for President trump himself, he says he concedes nothing.


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