Candace Owens Warns that Government Better Bring a Warrant if Knocking on the Door on Thanksgiving


Candace Owens proves yet again why she’s awesome and one of the rising conservative personalities we have today.

She shows no backing down to the draconian lockdowns many governors have imposed on citizens as Thanksgiving approaches:

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Many supporters echoed her sentiment and voiced their disdain for the tyrannical rulers.

In case anyone needed a reminder of what makes the rules passed by these wannabe dictators null and void:

Owens’ tweet should be a reminder to all Americans that these authoritarians have long crossed the line and it’s time to fight back.

Tyrants like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have attempted to flex their muscles with some of the most draconian restrictions of the year.

During a time when Americans are supposed to be with loved ones and thankful for what they have, more and more people are showing resistance.

And despite the groans of the mainstream media, a record number of Americans are traveling near the Thanksgiving holiday to be with their family and friends.

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As more people say enough is enough, it remains to be seen what tyrannical actions these authoritarians attempt to pull next.

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