Trump Supporters in Michigan Chant “CNN Sucks” During Live Broadcast

A crowd in Michigan chants "CNN sucks" during a live broadcast.


CNN is always leading the way with fake news.

Most Americans count them as the most untrustworthy news network on television.

With this in mind, Americans are always willing to let the network know exactly how they feel when given an opportunity to do so.

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A crowd of Trump supporters in Michigan took advantage of one such opportunity on Monday.

During a live broadcast, the crowd completely drowned out a reporter.

Here's video footage of the newscast:

Here's another angle of the crowd letting CNN know how they feel.

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CNN has no credibility anymore, nor have they for years now.

Check out this video from two years ago:

Here's another video from last month at a Trump rally with the same results.

The media is basically dead at this point.

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