Rudy Giuliani Posts Brilliant Video Explaining President Trump’s MULTIPLE Paths To Victory – Nov. 23


I keep telling you, this is FAR from over.

Not even close.

And this is November 23 as I type this, by the way.

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Well now it’s not only me telling you that.

Rudy Giuliani just posted a video explaining how President Trump not only has A PATH to victory, he has MULTIPLE paths to victory!

I thought this was just wonderful, and I hope you do too.

Please enjoy:

Let me ask you a question…..

Does Rudy look at all nervous?

Does he look like someone who thinks he’s going to lose?

Not to me.

He looks to me like someone who is just waiting patiently as it all plays out because he already holds all the cards.

Already holds all the evidence.

Already holds the seized servers.

And much more.

Comments from online:

And because this will almost certainly get deleted from YouTube…don’t worry!

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I made a backup.

From Rumble:


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