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Hypocritical New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy Blasted by Onlookers for Having Maskless Dinner


The nerve of these tyrants!

Democrat governors across the country issued draconian restrictions and lockdowns that have trampled on civil liberties and devastated small businesses.

Yet, none of these authoritarians abide by their own rules.

The latest example is scumbag Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey.

Here’s a clip of Murphy blasted by his constituents (warning for foul language):

“Such a d**k” was the perfect description of this encounter.

Just watching Murphy slither back into his mask after the fact makes your blood boil.

Social media rightfully called out this blatant hypocrisy:

But the leftist media wasted no time twisting the script to cast Murphy as the victim:

As reported by FOX News, Murphy smugly brushed off the encounter:

As the conversation continues, Murphy places his mask over his face and his wife appears to begin recording the group.

When asked about the hecklers on Monday, Murphy said nothing had happened to prompt the two women to approach him. And the pair left after a third person from their group pushed them away.

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“I’m a big boy, I have thick skin. It doesn’t impact me at all and I think I can say the same thing for my wife,” he said during an unrelated press conference. “I would say this though: our kids are not part of that … and I don’t even know who these people were, by the way.”

Murphy has faced backlash recently over his stringent novel coronavirus-related restrictions and limitations as the holidays approach.

Just last week, Town of Howell Police Chief Andrew Kudrick said his department “will not accept nor respond to any report of a facial covering/mask, social distancing or indoor/outdoor gathering complaint.”

“By no means is this a defiance to the Governor’s orders as I do believe we all have to do our part to end this pandemic,” Kudrick wrote. “However, we the police will not be used to carry out orders I feel are detrimental to our relationship with our community. Or, will put officers in a no-win predicament such as being called for a social distancing or mask complaint. Although justified in our enforcement, the perception will be the opposite and majority support will be lacking.”

Per usual, it’s ‘rules for thee and not for me.’

This hypocrisy and draconian lockdowns won’t end until citizens stand up to all of these tyrants.


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