GSA Starts The Transition Process To Biden After Threats To Family, Kids and Pets!


Breaking news out tonight and I want you to know the TRUTH behind it.

The GSA is one of the key governmental agencies responsible for making the transition between presidential administrations.

Until now, Trump’s GSA has been withholding the start of that process.

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That just changed.

Here is the Full Letter:

Read that letter very carefully…

She states she received NO pressure either way from President Trump but threats of all kinds against herself, her family and her pets.

Take a look:

Catherine Herridge is a great reporter and she has highlighted the key parts for you.

And annotated.


Zoom in view:

President Trump himself has weighed in.

Our President seems to confirm all the same details:

Most importantly, note that President Trump reiterates he is STRONGLY continuing his fight and not giving anything up!

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As I have said repeatedly now for 3 weeks….this is FAR from over.

That remains the case.

Hang in there.

Keep watching.

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