Sidney Powell Goes on Newsmax: “It will be Biblical, Major Fraud Case Hasn’t Been Presented Yet, Criminal Conspiracy!”


Sidney Powell went on Newsmax today and gave a long interview.

It is well worth your time and I’ve got the whole thing for you below.

Here were a few stunners to me:

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She says it’s 100% not true that the Trump Team has exhausted all legal avenues.

“We’ve only just begun to fight,” Powell said after a bit of a laugh.

She confirmed, just as I’ve been telling you here, that they don’t really expect to win much at the District Court level but you have to start there to get up to the Supreme Court.

She said the affidavits and evidence they have presented so far should be sufficient to overturn the election in favor of President Trump, BUT she said the major fraud case she’s been working on hasn’t even been presented yet!

Folks, I think that’s probably the watermarked ballots.

She then explained how that major fraud case will tie them all together and show the criminal conspiracy.

And I have been telling you it’s worse than criminal conspiracy….when you conspire criminally to steal an election, that is TREASON!

Here she is, watch the whole thing:


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