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Sudden Loss of Faith In the U.S. Dollar? Market Crash Starts On 11/27/20? Bo Polny Explains.


Buckle up for this one.

If you’ve been a reader of WeLoveTrump for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Bo Polny.

Bo is a market analyst who specifically analyzes time cycles in the market and in current events.

I’ve had him on my show twice and I look to have him on again soon, perhaps next week.

He recently posted this short 2 minute video and I had to share it with you.

Here’s the quick summary….

What happens when investors and the world suddenly lose confidence in the U.S. dollar?

The USD is a fiat currency, which means it only exists by decree and is only backed by confidence in the United States.

It used to be backed by gold, but that ended in the 1970s.

So now it’s backed by nothing.

And what happens if confidence in the U.S. suddenly tanks, because, oh I don’t know….because people were caught trying to rig the election?

Watch and see:

Does the stock market crash begin 11/27/20?

I wanted to bring this article to you in advance.

So there you go.

I had Bo on my show a few weeks ago, and we talked about a lot of these details.

You might want to go back and listen VERY carefully to what Bo had to say.

We talked specifically about 11/27/20 as being a very key date.


And a backup of that video on Rumble:

I had Bo on my show about a month ago too, and that did not disappoint either.

If you’d like to hear what he said back then, before the election, I have it for you right here.



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