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Developing: Pennsylvania Judge Appointed By Barrack Hussein Throws Out Election Fraud Suit

Pennsylvania Judge Matthew Brann has halted efforts questioning the validity of the vote in his state. many however, are not so convinced.


How many of you are bothered by the clear evidence of voter fraud all around us? 

I know I am.

How about the mainsteam media’s rediculous dismissal of the whole thing? 

Me too. 

As reports of statistical improbabilities and widespread election fraud continue to pour in, Pennsylvania Judge Matthew Brown has decided to throw out the Trump campaign suit. 

This in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous. You cannot even open an inquiry into the election in your state? seriously? 

Check it out: 

Fox News had the story here: 

U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann in Williamsport, Penn., rejected a request by the Trump campaign for an injunction that would stop the certification of the election as the campaign seeks to overturn results is swing states across the country.

The president argued the Constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law was violated by the state when counties took different measures to inform voters of technical issues that arose with the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots.

Bloomberg another MSM outlet also had this to say: 

A federal judge in Pennsylvania threw out a lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s campaign that aimed to block certification of the state’s election results unless it tossed out tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, rejecting the “startling” request due to a lack of evidence.

The state’s motion to dismiss the suit was granted Saturday by U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, freeing election officials to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s projected victory as soon as Monday. Major media outlets have declared Biden the winner of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes with a lead of more than 80,000 votes.

The president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, personally argued against the state’s motion to dismiss before Brann on Tuesday, making wild claims of a vast Democratic conspiracy to steal the election. In reaching his conclusion, Brann said the campaign was not “formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption” needed to win such a case.

I have said it time and time again 

There are A LOT of crazy conspiracy theories going around about this election. 

Want to know what the craziest one is? 

That there is zero chance of a conspiracy going on. 


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