Watch The Fake News EXPOSED In Action, All Reading The Same Exact Script!


Paging George Orwell….

If you think we have a fair and honest and INDEPENDENT media, well, think again.

You have got to see this.

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Someone did an incredible job of editing together this video from local news stations all across the country.

Did you ever think they were actually covering the news and writing their own material based on their own investigations of the news?


Nope, they are all given a script to read.

The EXACT same script.

Here it is folks, watch this:

Stunning right?

Yup, here’s a backup in case that gets taken down by Nazi Jack.

From Rumble:

That’s not all.

It’s headlines too.

Look at this image:

We don’t have a News Media anymore.

We have the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”.

The propaganda machine, telling you what THEY want you to believe.

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Repeating it over and over and over, with hundreds of voices reading the same script all across the country.

Can you say “brainwashing”?

Time to wake up America.

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