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Bill O’Reilly Predicts Collapse of News Media, Says “It’s Coming”

Are you ready for the collapse of the news media?


A recent tweet from Bill O’Reilly just went viral, now closing in on 200k likes.

In the tweet O’Reilly asks: “Are you ready for the collapse of the news media?”

He follows that up with the words: “It’s coming.”

He then provides a link to his Op-Ed.

WTMA has the scoop on Bill O'Reilly's prediction:

Longtime Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly says cable news networks are going to “collapse” after President Donald Trump leaves office.

In an interview with Sinclair Broadcasting’s “America This Week” on Wednesday, O’Reilly said “something’s going on” already at Fox News.

“NBC News, CNN, and the other networks are going to collapse almost entirely,” O’Reilly said after Trump leaves office and a Joe Biden administration begins.

“They don’t have any credibility,” he said, adding “everybody knew… they were trying to destroy Trump.”

“Now you’re going to tell the truth,” he scoffed. “It’s over.”

Here are O'Reilly's original tweets:

News Thud has more from the Op-Ed:

So what’s happening right before our eyes?

Well, most Americans who consume what the corporate media puts out know that dishonesty and unfairness is the lead story. From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been brutally attacked by the press which openly allied itself with the Democratic Party.

Every honest person has to admit that.  The Russian collusion fiasco and impeachment were historic embarrassments.

The smearing of Mr. Trump combined with the President’s lack of discipline in defending himself led to his defeat.  In his heart, the President knows I’m right.  Trump made too many unforced errors.  But the way he was treated by the combined national media agencies was corrupt and unprecedented.

Americans who pay attention understand that no matter who they voted for.  They know the media fix was in.  And they will not forget.

Therefore, all of the corporate media will suffer and lose audience steadily over the next year.  Because the fix will STILL be in. Readers and watchers of the news will continue to be misled.  Every day.  Every way.

O'Reilly is spot on with this analysis.

After this election is over, the media will never be trusted again, and that's a good thing, as many Twitter users point out:

With news anchors like this, who can really deny O'Reilly's prediction?


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