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Biden’s Coronavirus Adviser Wants The US To Distribute The COVID-19 Vaccine Globally Before It’s Available To US Citizens


Under a Biden administration America will always come second to the globalists.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, who was appointed as one of Biden’s Coronavirus Advisers has come out and said that the COVID-19 vaccine should be distributed globally and not have a “vaccine nationalism” mindset.

It hasn’t even been two weeks since the election and Biden’s team are already making decisions that exposes the left’s globalist agenda.

Fox News covered Dr. Zeke Emanuel’s comments on vaccine distribution:

Oncologist Dr. Zeke Emanuel, one of 10 advisory board members named to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, has pushed the U.S. and other countries to not hoard a coronavirus vaccine.

Emanuel, who served as a key architect of the Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration, co-authored a paper in September in which he encouraged officials to follow the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair international distribution of vaccine,” rather than what he and his co-authors characterized as “vaccine nationalism.”

The model allows the country that produces the vaccine to hold onto enough of a supply to reach a threshold for herd immunity (“Rt below 1”). Beyond that, the model supports distributing the vaccine internationally, which means giving away or selling doses of the vaccine before it’s available to every citizen in that country, Emanuel explained to Scientific American.

The New York Post covered the story too:

President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force member Ezekiel Emanuel recently co-authored a paper that advocates against “vaccine nationalism.”

The paper, published in September by Science Magazine, calls for pharmaceutical companies and governments involved in vaccine production to engage in the “Fair Priority Model,” as opposed to giving priority distribution to the local at-risk population.

The model calls on both groups to engage in a “broad and equitable” distribution of the eventual vaccine, and critiques the World Health Organization’s current two distribution methods. One model prioritizes population size for how the vaccine will be distributed, while the other prioritizes health care workers, anyone over 65 and adults with pre-existing conditions.

The far-left doesn’t want to make America great again.

They rather put communist China first and replace our constitution with UN guidelines.

Dr. Emanuel hasn’t been shy of making shocking statements.

In a 2014 article in the Atlantic, he said life isn’t worth living past 75.

He’s probably not a guy that should have any say when it comes to COVID-19 distribution.


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