President Trump Hints at Criminal Charges For News Media


I have told you many times before….President Trump does not just say things.

It may look like that sometimes that he is just running his mouth off the cuff.

But not so.

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His comments are carefully crafted to get exactly the response he wants.

And he never claims something unless he already has the goods.

Remember when he Tweeted out “I just learned they tapped my wires”?

At the time everyone laughed and laughed!

Mocked him.

And then months later?

Of course it turned out to be true.

Well now we have a new one.

Here is President Trump saying that the suppression poll sent out by ABC and WaPo very well may be CRIMINAL:

And he’s right.

A suppression poll is when you purposely put out a very fake poll to make people think someone is losing so they give up and don’t bother voting because it seems impossible.

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That is called election interference.

Or as I am now calling it:  TREASON!

By the way, don’t miss the second part of that message…..Trump is going to win Wisconsin!

He’s knows it’s already in the bag.

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