Breaking News: Project Veritas Reveals Another USPS Whistleblower Who Details Orders to Halt Delivery of Trump & GOP Mail


James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have unveiled more rampant corruption inside the USPS.

The latest whistleblower comes from the Philly suburbs. Big shocker.

Our friends at Gateway Pundit broke the news:

The new USPS whistleblower in the Philadelphia suburb of Elkins Park details orders to stop delivering President Trump and Republican mailings.

“We were told that the only mail that will be delivered from now (Nov 9) on will be for that of the winner…this case Joe Biden.”

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Here’s the video from O’Keefe:

This adds to the list of USPS whistleblowers who’ve come forward this week to shed light into the political bias of the postal service.

Recall, federal agents tried to coerce a recant from whistleblower Richard Hopkins.

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Is there no low they won’t stoop to hide their corruption?

Where else inside the USPS are these actions taking place?

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