Kayleigh McEnany Posts “Great are You, Lord” Christian Worship Lyrics on Her Twitter!


I loved this so much!

Had to share it with you.

After 8 years of a Godless (and probably Islamic terrorist) Obama Administration, how wonderful is it to see this?

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Understand what this is.

This is the Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, publishing on her official Twitter page Christian music lyrics!

And not just the fluffy-sappy radio Christian music.

This is Christian WORSHIP music.

Take a look:

And for those of you who can hear the song in your head as you’re reading it, this is my favorite version.


Here’s more from Kayleigh:

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And here’s more from President Trump’s Christian White House.

Folks, we NEED four more years of this.

Enjoy (this is one of my favorite clips of all time):

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