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Scott Walker Says 200% More Votes Than Registered Voters In Wisconsin Counties; Media Declares “False”


Governor Scott Walker went on TV and broke an incredible story….

In multiple counties in Wisconsin, there were over 200% more votes than registered voters!

Mathematically impossible!

In fact, you rarely even get to 90-95% of registered voters actually voting in an election.

You can’t go over 100%.

Let alone 200%.

Watch it here:

And a backup from Rumble.

In case that gets taken down:

Luckily the MSM was there to rush in and declare this 100% debunked.

Oh thanks Media Saviors!

From WISN:

WISN 12 News Investigates set out Thursday to fact check the claims made and set the record straight.

The posts call into question the number of votes cast compared to the number of registered voters in Milwaukee.

A record number of Wisconsin voters cast ballots on Election Day.

In Milwaukee, nearly 84% of voters cast their ballots in person.

But the website Milwaukee City Wire claimed voters in seven Milwaukee wards overvoted.

The site claimed Wards 273 and 274, which vote at Spanish Immersion School on the Southside, had more than 200% turnout.

The city Election Commission website shows Wards 273 had 91% turnout and Ward 274 had 87% turnout.

“It’s extraordinarily high. It’s way higher than average,” Brian Timpone said.

He is the out-of-state publisher who owns the site.

Timpone said his site posts data-driven news from public records.

“The reason we did Wisconsin is because they said the vote was counted,” he said.

So WISN 12’s Hillary Mintz asked him why his numbers didn’t match the official results.

“The votes are the same, they didn’t change the votes, but they changed the registered voter count, since the time we pulled the data, so they just updated it, they added 26,000 more people,” Timpone said. “The change in the records doesn’t change the story’s point materially at all. There’s still crazy high voting and there’s still overvoting, voting above total registrations.”

WISN 12 News Investigates checked the county site Thursday, which did not reflect that claim.

The story caught the attention of former Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Election Commission Director Claire Woodall-Vogg.

“That report that’s reporting double the voters in Wards 273 and 274 is completely false and unfounded,” Woodall-Vogg said. “Voters should be aware, we were warned about this form of interference and it is a form of interference of the election.”

State Election Commission Director Meagan Wolfe also warned about misinformation.

“I really wish people would check the facts and share things like our press release,” she said. “I know it’s not as flashy as some other things you could share on social media, but share the facts rather than speculation or rumors.”

Milwaukee City Wire is owned by Delaware-based nonprofit Metric Media Foundation.

Timpone said his site updated its numbers and will change the story to reflect the latest data from the city.

Wolfe said because Wisconsin voters can register on Election Day, the number of votes could be more than the number of registrations on file.

The number of paper registrations is reported as part of turnout by each of the local election officials within 45 days of the election.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of misinformation on social media and some news media,” Wolfe said. “If something you see or hear about how Wisconsin voted sounds outrageous, it’s probably false.”

Every voter registration and absentee request is maintained and available, within reason, for public inspection.

“Wisconsin doesn’t have more votes than registered voters. It’s impossible. There were no absentee ballots found in the middle of the night. Lawyers and observers for both political parties were on-site and involved the entire time,” Wolfe said. “Clerks followed the law and counted ballots until they were done.”


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