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Project Veritas RECORDS Federal Agents Trying to Force USPS Whistleblower To Change Election Fraud Testimony!


They just got busted on the record!

In what appears to be highly illegal, federal agents have been caught on a recording trying to get an election fraud whistleblower to change his story.

He didn’t recant.

Project Veritas has all the evidence!

Is this election fraud?

Is this TREASON?

The penalty for treason is still death by hanging, right?


The Gateway Pundit had more excellent reporting on this story:

Project Veritas has released a video with USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins asserting that he did not recant his allegations of election fraud, a lie that was published by the Washington Post.
Additionally, the organization posted recordings of federal agents attempting to coerce and intimidate Hopkins into recanting.

Hopkins made major waves when he went on record about Postmaster Rob Weisenbach’s orders to backdate ballots to November 3rd in Erie, Pennsylvania, so that late ballots would be accepted.

Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be considered valid and counted, per US law.

In the newly released recording, Agent Russell Strasser says that “I am trying to twist you a little bit.”

“We have senators involved. We have the Department of Justice involved. We have-” Strasser says.

“Hopkins interjects that Trump’s lawyers have also been in contact with him.

“I am not — I am actually. I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that, believe it or not, your mind will kick in,” Strasser says. “We like to control our mind. And when we do that, we can convince ourselves of a memory. But when you’re under a little bit of stress, which is what I’m doing to you purposely, your mind can be a little bit clearer. And we’re going to do a different exercise too, to make your mind a little bit clearer. So, this is all on purpose,” Strasser said.

In the newly released video, Hopkins asserts, in no uncertain terms, that he did not recant. Claims that he did are fake news.

Project Veritas has said that they also have recordings of federal agents attempting to intimidate and coerce him into recanting — but that he held firm. They have said that they will be releasing those recordings shortly.

“The recordings are explosive evidence of retaliation, ‘scaring’ him,” O’Keefe wrote of the intimidation. “Whistleblower has received a letter putting him on suspension without pay.”

The whistleblower says that he even tried to contact reporters from the Washington Post to let them know their story was false, but that he was ignored.

“They refuse to even talk to him or include his comment,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe tweeted.

In a back-and-forth exchange on Twitter with James LaPorta, an Associated Press reporter, O’Keefe said, “so you know Richard, a marine combat veteran, was crying in an interview this afternoon by what these fed agents did to him and said this was harder than what he endured in Afghanistan.”


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