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Lois Vogel Sharp Boldly Proclaims “Trump Wins”, This Is Not Over!


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Lois Vogel Sharp is one of the people who was very clear ahead of the election that God had told her President Trump is to win a second term.

As I write this article on November 10, the Media has declared Joe Biden the winner but the results are far from final.

Legal challenges, fraud, recounts and so much more are happening in multiple battleground states.

Sharp just went on the record with three brand new videos to make clear that she is standing by what she heard from the LORD….Trump wins!  This is not over yet.

She joins the ranks of people like Mark Taylor and Charlie Shamp who are ALL saying the same thing.

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Watch this:

And then there’s this one.

The only thing I would say about this one is maybe find a new background Lois….it looks like that horrible painting of Barry Sotoro sitting on the chair in front of those green leaves.

But great video, please watch:

And here’s one more where she explains what she sees coming next.


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