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Fox News Cancels Judge Jeanine, She Immediately Goes Online!


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There aren’t many good ones left at Fox News….

Tucker, Hannitizer, Laura, Maria, and most certainly Judge Jeanine!

Let’s see, on the week that we have the biggest legal scandal unfolding of the entire year, I know I for one was very excited to see what Judge Jeanine had to say!

But too bad, because Fox News canceled her show tonight.

It appears as though the cancelation is only for this week, but really Fox?

Another huge stain in the underwear skid that is Fox News in recent years.

Take a look:

The Judge wasted no time, and immediately went online via Cameo.

You can watch it here:

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We support you Judge Jeanine!

Maybe time to go to OANN or Newsmax or somewhere else?

Fox News is such trash recently.

What do YOU think?

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