STOP THE STEAL: One Million Americans Call For a Recount or Revote!


An online petition is growing to #StopTheSteal.

We are seeking ONE MILLION Americans to stand up and say we won't stand for voter fraud!

Signs of election fraud abound in nearly all battleground states.

Trending: Founder Patrick Byrne Says Two Top Level Republicans Involved In The Election Rigging

New batches of ballots appearing….

More votes than registered voters….

Dead people voting….


Whistleblower testimonies of fraud at the polling place or disenfranchisement of Trump voters.

Enough is enough!

Will you please add your support?

READER SURVEY: Should President Trump Make English The Official Language of the United States?

Thank you!


SIGN THE PETITION:  Stop The Steal!  We Demand Fair Elections, No Voter Fraud!

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