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Sharpie Lawsuit: Voters In Arizona Are Suing After They Claim Their Ballots Were Not Counted Because They Were Marked With Sharpies


A lot of shady things have been happening in this year’s elections.

Luckily, the shady dealings are starting to be exposed one by one.

Voters in Arizona have filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County for giving them sharpie markers that caused their ballots not to be read properly and caused their votes to be canceled.

Laurie Aguilera, the voter who initially filed the lawsuit requested a new ballot but was instantly denied on request.

Maricopa County claims that the sharpie markers handed out at the polling stations did not contribute to ballots being canceled.

The Washing Times got the scoop and shared these details:

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Arizona against Maricopa County officials and the Board of Supervisors, charging them with instructing voters to use Sharpies that rendered their ballots unreadable.

Laurie Aguilera, a resident in the county, brought the lawsuit alleging poll workers gave her such a marker to use for her ballot, which bled through and thus wouldn’t be properly ready by the machines.

When her ballot failed to process, she requested a new one but poll workers refused.

“Upon information and belief, many other voters have experienced similar issues,” read the complaint filed Wednesday at the Superior Court of Arizona.

J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, said the voters who were told to use a Sharpie have been denied their right to vote.

“Arizona election officials allegedly were part of the problem, and denial of the right to vote should not occur because of failures in the process of casting a ballot,” he said. “We are asking that all ballots that were uncured or denied be identified and allowed to be cured.”

Complaints about the Sharpies spread on social media Wednesday, sparking state election officials to push back.

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Fox 10 News added to the story also:

Court documents show a lawsuit has been filed against officials in Maricopa County officials over the use of Sharpies to mark ballots in the Nov. 3 election.

The lawsuit, filed by a purported Maricopa County registered voter named Laurie Aguilera 10 other people named “Does I-X,” targets Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Clerk Fran McCarroll, and the various members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

According to the lawsuit, Aguilera voted in person on Nov. 3, and was given a Sharpie by poll workers to mark the ballot. Aguilera claims she noticed the ink was bleeding through the ballot, and that the ballot was not properly registered by the ballot box, which caused a poll worker to cancel her ballot.

Maricopa County votes are still be counted as of right now and Trump could still take Arizona if he dominates Biden in the county.

Things are getting hotter by the second, this election is just beginning friends!


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