President Trump Appears To Be Closing In On Nevada

It's a close one but the President appears to be gaining ground in Nevada.


Things are heated, tense, and really close right now BUT…… 

The president appears to be gaining ground in the state of Nevada

Bidens lead is miniscule and continuing to shrink. 

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Slowly but surely things are looking up for the president in Nevada, as the results are coming in to announce the winner of the state and its 6 electoral votes. 

Check it out: 

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The Palmieri Report came through with more details: 

President Trump is within striking distance of taking Nevada.

Geller Report:

As of Thursday afternoon, 43,600 more Democrats than Republicans had voted. The breakdown by party affiliation was 40.6 percent Democrat, 35.8 percent Republican and 23.6 percent independents and third parties. All data is from the secretary of state’s website.

In many ways, this is expected. As of September, Democrats had around 90,000 more registered voters than Republicans. Usually, Democrats build up a big lead in early voting and then try to survive on Election Day.

The left leaning outlet The Washington Post had this to say:

In a call with supporters, Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, said the president “can win,” arguing that Arizona and Nevada are still not decided.

“Every poll was wrong,” McDaniel said. “They tried to suppress our vote.” She said Republicans would be sending teams across the country to oversee ballot fights and legal challenges.

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