CNN’S Jake Tapper Says Biden Landslide Is “A Pipe Dream”

He sure is whistling a different tune now.......



For once the folks at CNN arent spewing fake news! 

As election night progresses and a sea of red has come to wash away any hopes of an easy victory for Democrats it seems like many in the liberal media are again puzzled by the will of the American people.

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Anchor Jake Tapper came clean this evening when he admitted that the “Biden Landslide” was “A Pipe Dream” 

Check it out: 

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Fox News Had more on the story: 

CNN anchor Jake Tapper was singing quite a different tune later in the network's Election Night coverage Tuesday night as President Trump continued to hold his ground against Democratic nominee Joe Biden in key swing states.

While none of the major battleground races were declared over, Trump appeared to maintain leads in states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio.

"It's just not going to be, as some Democrats were hoping for, they thought it was going to be, an early landslide, which was always a pipe dream," Tapper told a panel of commentators

U.S.News also had this to say: 

Tapper, whose community’s protection of the election urged Biden would handily defeat the president, appeared to recommend a serious Biden victory was by no means attainable.

“It is simply not going to be, as some Democrats had been hoping for, they thought it was going to be, an early landslide, which was at all times a pipe dream,” Tapper advised a panel of commentators

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