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Biden Fantasizes About “Taking A Shot” At President Trump


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I thought the left was so tolerant?

I guess not!

Joe Biden in his rally in Flint, Michigan awkwardly shouted that President Trump thinks he’s a tough guy.

Biden went on to say: “when you were in high school, wouldn’t you have liked to take a shot. Anyway…” he then went on to change the subject.

Joe Biden must have been a bully himself in high school and now he wants to bully the American people if he becomes the leader of the free world.

The AP News covered Biden’s remarks:

hroughout the day, Trump and Biden, both septuagenarians, threw stinging barbs at one another that at moments verged into schoolyard taunt territory.

Speaking in Flint, Biden joked of Trump, “When you were in high school, wouldn’t you have liked to take a shot?” He also mocked the president as a “macho man.”

Trump, too, on Saturday suggested he could beat up Biden if given the chance and suggested the former vice president wears sunglasses to cover up “surgery on the eyes.”

Joe Biden needs to realize “taking a shot” or shoving someone into a locker has never been cool.

USA Today chipped in with these details:

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Biden didn’t mention Trump’s comment during a get-out-the-vote rally with former President Barack Obama in Flint, Michigan, on Saturday. But he sounded willing to take a shot.

“The president likes to portray himself – I love this – he likes to portray himself as a tough guy,” Biden said. “When you were in high school, wouldn’t you have liked to take the shot. Anyway, that’s a different story.”

Biden’s comments came after he criticized Trump reportedly calling military veterans “suckers” and “losers,” which the president denied. Biden also cited an episode at the United Nations where world leaders were recorded laughing at Trump.


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