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Violent Looting Thugs Beat Police Officer With Stolen Cash Register [WARNING]


This is rough footage but is has to be shone.

We have to shine the light on these thugs to expose them.

Why they keep videotaping themselves I have no idea, but it will be great for all the court cases. 

Here's the latest, one police officer who is vastly outnumbered is attacked by a mob of violent, angry, terrorist thugs who start beating him with a Walgreens cash register.

Have you ever seen how big those things are?

And heavy?

A cash register blast to the head could do some real damage or even kill someone.

Why are we allowing these thugs to roam free?

They should be charged with attempted murder.

And watch how casually they all act, like the guy filming. 

He's just narrating this like he's watching a basketball game.

Listen people, this is attempted murder.

It's not a joke.

You all deserve to be in prison!  


FAIR WARNING, this is a violent video.

Don't click if you don't want to see:

Breitbart had more details:

Protesters in Washington, D.C. yelled “f**k 12” and took turns beating an officer with a stolen cash register as he lay injured on the ground.

“F**k 12” means “f**k the police;” specifically, “f**k the police drug unit.”

Looters stole the cash register from a Walgreens store this week. They were rioting after a black man died as a result of a moped crash. Protesters initially blamed police for crashing into the moped. A video later released by Metropolitan police officials showed the moped crashing into a civilian SUV, Breitbart News reported.

Someone watching the Walgreens being burglarized before the officer was beaten, asked, “What did they get? Did they get the bank? Holy S**t!”

“These mother-f**kers are like, no, no chill, bro. No chill,” he continued.

“You got the cash register?!! You guys are savage! Savage!” the narrator proclaimed. “Take that s**t and run! GO! Get the f**k out of here! You better GO!”

“Bro, you better go! You better f**ing go my G [my guy, my bro],” he warned as police approached to aid the assaulted officer. “Run! Don’t stop! You’ve got to f**ing keep running! How are you going to stop?! How are you going to f**ing stop?! Oh, oh, oh…….Oh! DC 2020! Huh!”

“Holy s**t! Stealing cash registers and shirt!,” the rant continues. “Got the cops in the area and s**t. I mean, to each his f**ing own, I guess. You want the cash register, get the cash register.”

“F**k 12 on that s**t. F**k you, you little f**ing piece of s**t. Trying to incriminate motherf**kers and s**t,” he yelled. “Oh, there’s my cops! [laugh] There’s my cops right behind you.”

Rioters in the crowd start to yell: “Black lives…, Black lives…”

The person caught on audio narrating the events noticed that someone was still in the store. “Someone is still in there! Someone is still in that motherf**ker! OUT!”

“NO!,” he exclaimed. “We left a man behind on that s**t! Well, he’s f**ing dust.”

Here is the video from right before when they looted the Walgreens.

You can see the guy carrying away the cash register and then making a run for it:


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