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Mark Taylor Says We Might Be In For The Best Holiday Season In Our Lifetimes


Anyone else here a huge fan of Mark Taylor?

I have been ever since 2015, and it was my honor to get to interview him personally recently.

I have the ENTIRE interview below for you to enjoy.

It’s already been viewed by over 35,000 people and counting!

I wanted to focus briefly on one statement he made that isn’t getting a lot of attention.

He said we need to brace ourselves for a rough time around and after the election.

We all know that.

Doesn’t take a prophet to figure that out.

But it was what he said next that I thought was so important.

He thinks the chaos will quickly die down, Trump will clamp down hard and restore law & order to America, and then Taylor says he thinks we might be in for one of the best, most joyous, most celebratory, holiday seasons in a LONG time.

In other words, good times are coming very soon!

I hope that encourages you!

Watch the entire interview below to hear him explain it better than I can summarize for you.

We also talked about so many other things:

We talked Trump’s second term…

A possible THIRD term and how that could happen?

I asked Mark if California goes red this year and if maybe ALL 50 STATES will go red….

Justice coming (big time) for Obama, Hillary, Bidens and many more…rest assured, Mark says it IS coming, and in fact has already started!

We talked about the envelopes handed out at George Bush’s funeral….

We talked FIVE Supreme Court Justices for Trump…

We talked Obama being “ripped and stripped” of the Presidency and the ONLY way that could happen…

And then we talked about what that might mean, especially when it comes to appointing judges (hint: what happens to all the judges Obama appointed if his Presidency is ripped for treason?)

Folks, it’s ALL in here.

It was my real pleasure to interview Mark.

In fact, I started my show just so I could talk to people like Mark, so it was no accident that he was our second guest.

And hopefully he will be back after the election so we can break things down again soon.

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Ok, now without further delay, PLEASE enjoy this interview with my good friend Mark Taylor:

And in case that gets taken down, here is a backup on Rumble:

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And two backups on Bitchute:


Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought!

And then check back here after the election to compare results.

You can get Mark Taylor’s book here if you’d like to learn more:


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