President Trump Predicts ‘Red Wave’ Across the US

President Trump made a bold prediction on Monday at a rally in Pennsylvania. He said election day will see a "red wave" across thee United States.


President Donald Trump is beaming with confidence in the final week heading into the election.

The president is so confident, that he just predicted a red wave will sweep the nation!

President Trump stopped in Pennsylvania for a rally on Monday night and delivered this bold prediction.

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President Trump stumped in Pennsylvania Monday as Joe Biden continued his basement-bunker campaign; telling voters he predicts a “red wave” at the ballot-box this November.

“I am relying on you to deliver a historic victory for our country. Bigger than four years ago… Who has voted? This is going to be a red wave! This is going to be a red wave!” said the President.

President Donald Trump predicts a "red wave"

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The polls can say whatever they want.

If you look around the country though, the excitement for President Trump in comparison to Joe Biden is noot even close.

The red wave is coming...

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