Black Trump Supporters Chant “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” In Beverly Hills


This is amazing to see.

In Beverly Hills probably one of the most liberals places in California there is a strong remnant of Trump supporters.

Every Saturday Trump supporters come out to Beverly Hills to show support of our President.

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The gathering does not discriminate against anyone and all walks of life are welcome.

This Saturday however Black conservatives showed up in large numbers and started chanting “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!”.

Just look at this electrifying gathering.

A clever phrase the black conservatives came up with is Black Lives MAGA.

Trump has done more for the Black community than Biden has done in 47 years.

President Trump signed a bill that would fund Historical Black College and Universities for years to come.

He has made the black unemployment rate the lowest ever.

Most importantly he has re-united families and has granted clemency to nonviolent offenders like Alice Johnson and Duke Tanner.

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The democratic party has continued to use their rhetoric to try to get the black community away from voting for Trump.

But to many black voters, this November Trump’s actions speak louder than Biden’s words.

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