Hilarious: Trump Crowd In Wisconsin Chants “CNN Sucks”


You got to love hearing this.

This is music to every conservative’s ears.

During Trump’s rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin Trump supporters are heard chanting in unity “CNN sucks”.

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The chants even brought a smile to the President’s face hopefully it will bring a smile to yours too.

The Sun added this tidbit:

DONALD Trump fans chanted that “CNN sucks” after the president mocked the news network during his wild rally.

During his lively speech in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Wednesday, the crowd mocked the TV station, while Trump slammed his Democratic rivals.

At the lively campaign event, the audience began to shout “CNN sucks” while Trump stood against the backdrop of an enormous thin blue line flag.


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This is pure gold!

CNN has truly earned the chant.

Their bias and hatred filled reporting of President Trump has been unprecedented.

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