Biden Gets Angry over Trump’s Taxes: “I’m sick and tired of smart guys!”


This may be my favorite Biden quote of all time.

It just perfectly sums up the whole story, doesn't it?

The mentally-challenged Joe Biden losing his temper on stage and screaming that he's "sick and tired of smart guys!"

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So perfect.  


What was he so mad about?

A longer clip appears to show he was talking about the rumor that Trump only paid $750 in taxes and it appears Biden thinks it was because he's a smart guy.

Or hires a lot of smart guys.

It's not entirely clear.

Watch the longer clip:

That wasn't even his only rant about "smart guys".

He went on more later.

Watch this:

Think that's bad?

Think he was done?


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He went on to call people who don't support him "chumps".


And just for fun, please enjoy these.


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