Woman Has Extreme TDS Flare Up, Melts Down Over Trump!


Ok folks, you know all the people who keep telling you that YOU'RE the problem?

That you're unstable…

That you're racist….

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That you're what's wrong in America….?

Well, those people are THIS lady.

So when you see all their comments online, just remember these are the kind of messed up people who can't wait to attack and judge you.  

And I for one am here to say this thing has no right to cast any judgment on me.  

Get behind me Satan!

That was one hell of a TDS flare-up lady, you should really see a doctor (or an exorcist)!


Backup version here:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support Trump Declaring ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization?

Now the big question is who was worse?

The Big Purple Monster up above....or this demonic shrieking? 


You be the judge.

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