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Trump the Outsider: “You Did a Poor Job… You Are a Politician; I Ran Because of You”


During the final debate, President Trump reminded voters why they elected him.

He is an outsider.

Trump was chosen to drain the swamp.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a creater of the Swamp.

He's been in D.C. for 47 years.

Other than his widely criticized 1994 crime bill, what can we point to as a success by Joe Biden?


Trump reshaped the narrative.

He successfully cast himself as the true outsider, even though he's running as the incumbent this time.

See Trump's epic takedown of Joe Biden below:

President Trump made it clear that Joe Biden and Barack Obama did a terrible job.

If they didn't do a terrible job, then Trump wouldn't have ran for President!

Yahoo News confirms the exchange:

President Donald Trump on Thursday night accused Joe Biden of incompetence, saying he decided to run for office because of his opponent’s poor performance as vice president.

As the two candidates spoke about racial injustice across the country, Trump tried to sow doubt about Biden’s ability to get the job done by pointing out that he wasn’t able to change the justice system as vice president. Following Biden’s promises for reform, Trump asked, “But why didn't he do it four years ago?”

“I ran because of you,” Trump told Biden. “If I thought you did a good job, I never would have run.”

CBS News has even more details:

Mr. Trump questioned Biden on his accomplishments across his 47-year career in public service and said he decided to mount a run for president in 2015 because he believed the Obama administration did "a poor job."

"I ran because of you, Joe," the president said. "I ran because of you."

Mr. Trump attributed Biden to other career politicians who fail to follow through on their promises.

"It's all talk, no action with these politicians," he said.

Biden, however, urged voters to evaluate the two candidates for president based on their character.

"I am anxious to have this race. I am anxious to see this take place," the former vice president said. "The character of our country is on the ballot."

The president, however, accused Biden of being a "corrupt politician," citing recent reports of Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings.

"Don't give me this stuff about how you're this innocent baby," Mr. Trump said.

But Biden called into question the source of a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden that was dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware and purported to hold damaging documents about the Bidens, noting 50 former intelligence officials believe it is part of a Russin disinformation campaign.

"You mean the laptop now is another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax?" Mr. Trump responded. "The laptop is Russia, Russia, Russia, you have to be kidding."

Trump brought up some very good points. 

Why would voters vote for Biden if he hasn't done anything of substance with over 47 years in Washington DC?

And why should the country have to go through more Russia-Russia-Russia investigations... again?!

That's not a very strong campaign pitch, Joe!


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