Trump Absolutely Stuns Biden With One Line: “Who Built The Cages, Joe?”


Trump used facts to his advantage during the debate.

President Trump exposed the truth during his debate against Joe Biden in Nashville, Tennesee.

A question about illegal immigration was brought up by Kristen Welker who was the moderator of the debate.

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Trump took advantage of the situation and asked Biden “Who built the cages, Joe?”.

Joe Biden then sidestepped Trump’s question and even said it was a mistake immigration reform never happened under the Obama administration.

Watch Biden get torched below:

President Trump then went on to talk about the infamous picture of children in cages at the border going viral.

Trump explained that the picture of children in cages at the border was taken under the Obama administration in 2014.


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There is no doubt that Trump dominated this debate.

He even performed better than last time.

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