Kamala Harris Draws PUNY Crowd


Folks, I will say it again….this is very important:  do NOT trust the polls.  Trust your EYES!

We show you all the time the huge crowds President Trump gets day after day.

Sometimes multiple huge crowds in one day!

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Like this:

Over 23,000 People Show Up To See President Trump In Gastonia, NC!

Ok, now compare that to Comma-La Harris.

I love how they blame it on “social distancing”….

But it’s not just Comma-La.

Even the once-mighty Barrack Hussein Obama is now a dud.

Remember when Obama used to be a rockstar?

Used to draw mega crowds wherever he went?

Not anymore.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that I almost feel bad for him.


And then I remember what a lying, traitorous devil-in-the-flesh he is and then the feeling goes away.

Check it out…this is what passes for an Obama rally these days:

Obama held a rally for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania today! 😆

Posted by David Croom on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

And look at this one!

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Watch them pan the cameras....almost no one there!

You can here how there's almost no response from the crowd.

Sounds like 15 people and a few cars to me.  


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