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Joe Biden’s Stamina Fades as the Debate Wears On, Becomes Angry and Incoherant

Sleepy Joe Biden gets cranky around bedtime apparently.


As the final debate went into the late hours of the night, something was becoming very clear.

President Trump could have gone all night, and Joe Biden was becoming more angry and incoherant with his responses.

Biden started to lose some gas very early on in the debate.

He then started slurring his words, and then eventually became very agitable.

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Biden seemed to start getting very irritable after Kristen Welker asked him "Why have you not pushed the Democrats to get a deal for the American people?"

Biden raised his voice and then "mansplained" his answer to the moderator.

Sleepy Joe acted like a toddler who missed his nap tonight.

That is not the man we need running our country.

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