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President Trump Inspires New “Trump Dance Challenge” Online and People Are Loving It!


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File this under "just for fun"!

You can't take yourself too seriously, and it's clear President Trump does not.

He's out there having fun and the world is taking note!

After he started dancing to YMCA at the of his rallies, the dance has gone viral and now there's a new online challenge to "do the Trump".

It's hilarious.



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You gotta love all of these!

Everyone just having fun.


And of course this article could never be complete without complete without comment from the original bad-dancer herself, Elaine Benes.

And yes, for those of you keeping track, that's the SECOND Elaine Benes reference just this week here on WeLoveTrump.

I hate how liberal the actors are, but still love a good Seinfeld reference!  

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