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President Donald Trump: “The Biden Family is a Criminal Enterprise”

Trump calls the Biden family a "criminal enterprise" while the media continues to shield Biden.


President Donald Trump partook in another succcessful rally Sunday night.

The rally took place in Carson City, Nevada, and President Trump didn’t pull any punches when discussing his opponent in the election.

Trump pointed out how Biden has been in a position of power for 47 years, and hasn’t done much of anything. 

Trump also targeted Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his ties to Ukraine.

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At one point, Trump said: “As far as I’m concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise.”

The crowd responded in kind with chants of “Lock him up!”

Fox News has moe on the president's comments on the Biden criminal enterprise:

President Trump railed against Democratic nominee Joe Biden's "criminal enterprise" family at a Nevada rally on Sunday, as loud chants of "lock him up" broke out in the crowd.

"Did you see what's happening with Biden? He's a corrupt politician," Trump said in Carson City, Nevada on Sunday night.

When one supporter yelled "lock her up" in an apparent reference to Hillary Clinton, Trump stopped and corrected, "no, lock him up."

"Joe Biden is and always has been a corrupt politician," Trump declared. "He always has been. And as far as I'm concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise. It really is."

Trump fired several shots at his 2020 Democratic opponent in his speech Sunday, during which he repeatedly praised the New York Post for their explosive report detailing allegedly corrupt business deals by Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden.

At one point, Trump appeared to mock Biden for urging him to "listen to the scientists" in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, telling the crowd, that "If I listened to the scientists, we would have a country right now that would be in a massive depression.

President Trump calls the Biden family a criminal enterprise at Nevada rally

Donald Trump made the same assertion on Twitter

The media of course is still covering for the Bidens, as Forbes points out:

Read all about Hunter Biden’s emails yet? About the election-rocking scandal that ties Biden to corruption in Ukraine? Seen the photo of an unshaven Hunter, half-ashed cigarette daggling from his lips, just one piece of damning evidence taken from a laptop once belonging to the vice president’s son that two top Trump advisors turned over to a pair of crusading New York Post journalists?

Some of you are following along and have read the story published by the Post yesterday that contained these accusations about Biden and Ukraine. For others, it kinda rings a bell. And for still many, many more, the story doesn’t sound familiar at all, and probably seems more like a plot found at the bottom of Tom Clancy’s wastepaper basket.

These circumstances are created in no small part by a set of extraordinary actions taken yesterday by Facebook FB -1.4% and Twitter TWTR -0.8% to prevent the Post’s investigation from being widely shared. Twitter blocked users from sharing the URL to the Post’s story and locked some users out of accounts for doing that, including high-profile ones belonging to the Post itself and White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. On Facebook’s end, company spokesman Andy Stone said the social network was “reducing its distribution on our platform” without further clarifying precisely what Facebook did.

“The decisions by Facebook and Twitter to limit the distribution of the New York Post story...are unprecedented for these companies,” says Marcus Messner, director at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture. “The companies took the responsibility to hit the brakes.”

It absolutely worked. The story didn’t get whizzed to every last corner of the web, quite a wonder in this age of viral information and all the attention put on a different set of emails during the 2016 presidential election.

Rampant online conversations drive newsroom decisions. And in the absence of one about the Biden emails, the Post story has not gotten prominent widespread pick-up by other media outlets. It has received little play on the websites of The New York Times NYT -0.2%, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS VIAC -0.1%, NBC—all the big-time publishers who’d normally race to confirm or follow a competitor’s scoopy investigation. (The Washington Post and the Times did spill some ink on the subject but did so with a tone of straightforward skepticism, using words like “alleged,” “claim” and “dubious” to describe the New York Post’s reporting.) Four years ago, by contrast, those outlets were afflicted by bothsidesism, a chronic condition among journalists whose symptoms include bending over backward to appear unbiased and equally critical of everyone. And as a result, they rapaciously covered every last drop of news around Hillary Clinton’s emails.


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