President Trump: We Still Need Help From The Boss, Jesus Christ!


You may have heard that President Trump said this, but I have to show you the whole clip.

It’s only about a minute long, but it’s just perfect.

You gotta love this guy, he’s smiling and having fun as he says it but you can tell his heart….he means it.

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When speaking about the COVID and how to defeat it, he says we’re doing great things but we still need help “from the Boss….Jesus Christ.”

Well said, Mr. Trump, well said.

Then he says how he had to correct someone recently who said he was the most famous person.

Trump said no, it’s not even close.

Who is?  the person asked.

“Jesus Christ!”  Not even close, he said.  Not even close.

I thought it was great.

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Please enjoy:

And here’s a backup in case that gets deleted off YouTube like everything else.

Backup from Bitchute:

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