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Dan Rather Says Republicans Are Worse Than Rats

The reporter says Republicans trying to flee Trump's "sinking ship" are like rats, an unfair analogy to the little critters, he says.


MSM Deep State journalism is shrieking like a wounded animal as story after story begins to unravel before their very eyes. 

Russia Collusion. 

Biden's Pay for Play Vice Presidency. 

The list goes on, but those are the big ones. 

Instead of taking ownership of the incredible corruption found within his profession, Dan Rather has decided to compare Republicans to rats. 

From Huffpost:

Dropping the last shred of any political waffling on the matter, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather came right out and declared that real rats are better than the Republican elected officials who stood by President Donald Trump until now.

He first compared nervous Trump supporters finally tip-toeing away as his future dims to rats fleeing a sinking ship.

But in one significant way, that’s “just not fair to rats,” Rather said. Rats aren’t as bad as Trump-deserting Republicans because they “tend not to be complicit in driving ships to the bottom of the sea,” he said on Twitter."

Of course the Leftist sychophants on Twitter just ate it up:

The comment was likely spurred by leaked comments by Nebaraska Gov. Ben Sasse critisizing the President on a fund raising call. 

These are the desperate attempts of a left wing hack who is amongst a profession of political activists who are currently fleeing like cockroaches from the spotlight Trump has shown on their crooked, manufactured reporting. 

And what does the comment and ensuing support really tell us. 

The Leftists use projection to label their adversaries as fascists and tyrannical. 

Really, it is they who are going right out of the NAZI playbook, right down to the comparison to their opponents as rats.

If they lose they will become even more unhinged than the first time around and likely even more aggressive. 

And who exactly is fleeing, anyway?

Ben Sasse?

Who cares. 

Forget the sinking ship....The Trump Train is jam packed and moving full steam ahead. 


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