Mark Taylor Says Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Schiff All Going Down Very Soon!


The Trump Prophet was on the record last night and it was one of the most electric interviews I've seen with him in quite some time!

I had to share it with you.

It feels like suddenly this week, and even today specifically, everything is starting to break wide open.

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The FBI has now seized Hunter Biden's laptop and emails:

Hunter’s Hard Drive: Seized by FBI, Senate Homeland Security Committee Opens Investigation

Reports say the emails absolutely sink Joe:

Biden Bombshell: NY Post Has Hunter’s Hard Drive, Emails Linking Joe to Ukraine Scandal!

And last night we brought you this:

CIA Whistleblower Claims To Have Hard Evidence Obama+Biden+Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6

See what I mean?

Everything breaking wide open!

Here is Mark Taylor breaking it all down and explaining what is about to happen next.

NATIONAL POLL: Should Obama Be Arrested and Tried For Treason?

I think you're really gonna love this….

Please enjoy:

You can get Mark Taylor's book here if you'd like to learn more:

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