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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorialized in 20,000 Tampons by Women’s Rights Activists


What kind of self-respecting woman doesn't want one of these?

A new hotel in Washington DC has memorialized Ruth Bader Ginsburg through "art."

This so-called art is a portrait of the late RBG composed of… wait for it… 20,000 tampons.


Who thinks of this stuff?

Someone has way too much time on their hands. 

See more details below:

The portrait is located next to the hotel's kitchen.

Cause.. you know... nothing says "ready to eat" like a portrait made out of tampons.

Business Insider confirms the story:

One of Washington, DC’s newest hotels is all about celebrating women.

Called Hotel Zena, it features over 60 bold and provocative artworks dedicated to female empowerment and those who have fought for women’s rights.

Created by artists from around the world, the installations range from paintings to photography, sculptures, and textiles.

Some serve dual purposes: This collection of upcycled high heels encased in a glass box is the hotel’s reception desk.

Hanging in the lobby [next to the kitcken] is a larger-than-life portrait of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or “notorious RBG.”

Conceived by Andrea Sheehan, art director and founder of Dawson Design Associates who oversaw the hotel’s design, the portrait is made from 20,000 hand-painted tampons.

The idea to create the Ruth Bader Ginsburg portrait using tampons came to Sheehan in a dream. “I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was all about tampons,” she told Insider.

What a weird dream... and what a weird use of tampons.

Would parents be proud to explain this portrait of RGB to their young daughters?

Have we no respect and dignity anymore?!

One can argue that art can be provocative.

That's true...

But some ideas are better left never being done.

A tampon portrait appears to be one of them.

Eater has more details on the portrait:

A renovated hotel on the edge of downtown D.C. is marketing itself as a monument to equal rights for women — but the opening chef at the bar and restaurant inside is a man.

West Hollywood, California-based Viceroy Hotels & Resorts celebrated opening day for Hotel Zena (1155 14th Street NW) on Thomas Circle on Thursday, October 8. A news release for the property calls it “a groundbreaking hotel dedicated to female empowerment.”

The hotel did hire a women-owned design company and created opportunities to pay female artist for their work. Andrea Sheehan, the founder of Seattle- and London-based Dawson Design Associates (DDA), commissioned a massive pointillist portrait of late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that’s made out of 20,000 hand-painted tampons (the release notes organic tampon company CORA donated them all). All of the 60 art pieces on-site were painted, photographed, sculpted, or stitched by “feminists of both genders around the globe fighting for human rights,” the release says. Local curator Jason Bowers hired D.C. artist Cita Sadeli to paint a pair of warrior women who tower five floors tall on the building’s exterior. There’s a curving wall appointed with 8,000 protest buttons representing feminist events.

In a quote attached to the release, the CEO of publicly traded Pebblebrook Hotel Trust says the hotel is a “safe gathering space that celebrates diversity, respects different points of view, and opens the floor to topics worthy of meaningful conversation. We know we’re pushing boundaries and might even make some people uncomfortable — and we’re okay with that.”

It’s unclear, however, if anyone had a “meaningful conversation” about putting a woman in charge of the kitchen. Figleaf, the New American bar and restaurant that doubles as the gallery for all that empowering art, lists David Sears as executive chef.

Given its professed commitment to gender equity, Hotel Zena missed an opportunity to place a woman in a public-facing leadership position. U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that women represent just 20.8 percent of chefs or head chefs, and 38.5 percent of cooks.

Sears was already with the parent company as the chef in charge of Viceroy DC, which recently replaced the Mason & Rook hotel in Logan Circle. He now oversees both kitchens. A representative for Hotel Zena says Figleaf opened with a limited menu and staff because of operating restrictions and business challenges in place during the COVID-19 crisis. They say how Hotel Zena looks upon opening in a pandemic does not reflect how it will look with a full staff in 2021.

“As [Hotel Zena] grows, the team will too with a new chef de cuisine, restaurant manager and more team members,” the representative says in an email to Eater.

The representative notes that Jasmine Diaz, who holds the title of assistant director of food & beverage, designed the cocktail menu. They also say women in management at the hotel include the area director of marketing and the area director of sales.

And feminists wonder why some people call them "crazy!"

We all would like to be remembered after our time on this earth.

But memorialized through tampons is not how we want that to happen!


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