Man Who Says He Predicted 2016 Perfect To Within Half a State Has Trump Winning With 330 Electoral Votes in 2020!


You’re going to want to check out Kevin McCullough’s Election Map prediction.

He has chosen every election correctly since 2006.

Last year he even predicted Trump would win  30 states and Hillary Clinton would win 20, the results were Trump Won 30.5 and Hillary won 19.5.

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That’s pretty impressive!

This year he has Trump winning the electoral vote 330 to Biden’s 208.

McCullough on his map has Trump flipping Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

He also has Trump winning the swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

This isn’t just a random person making a guess.

McCullough does all his research and has been accurate with his election map every year since 2006.

McCullough isn’t the only one making predictions, Politico also made a map but theirs favors Biden.

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I believe McCullough’s map will be more accurate than all the Democrat election maps the media will try to shove down out throats.

McCullough was right every year since 2006 and hopefully he will be right again this year!

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