Jim Acosta Lashes Out After Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks” Live On Air


Jim, I'm not sure how to put this but….I don't think they like you!

And your petty, petulant slam back probably didn't help matters.

After hearing the crowd chanting "CNN Sucks" behind him while he was trying to do a live broadcast, Acosta thought he was real witty and snapped back, "You know what else sucks? Catching COVID."

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Stay classy Jim!

Such a low blow and quite frankly kind of stupid.  

How long do you think he sat around coming up with that line?  

Or do you think someone wrote it for him?

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From Big League Politics:

Jim conveniently declined to mention which members of the press they were talking about. Unfortunately for him, the message was audible from his place in the press pool regardless.

“I should also point out, Wolff. What also sucks? Getting the coronavirus.”

Having coronavirus certainly does suck. Acosta’s reference of such in addition to the crowd’s announcement was phrased as a tacit admission, finally admitting that CNN is a beacon of low-quality partisan drivel meant as propaganda for the Democrat Party, as opposed to a credible source of information for American citizens.

President Trump is slated to hold the first Trump rally of his campaign since recovering from coronavirus on Monday night in Florida.

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