Trey Smith’s Trump 2020 Prophecy: WAR of Joe Biden


Do I have any Trey Smith fans out there?

I am a HUGE Trey Smith fan.  

Anytime I see he releases a new video, it immediately goes to the top of my viewing list. 

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And his latest definitely did not disappoint.  

It was his 2020 election prophecy video, a follow up on his Trump 2016 prophecy video when he said Trump would win in the face of almost everyone saying Trump had no chance.

Here was his 2016 video, which is sitll one of my all-time favorites:

Then he released this next one just a few weeks later....another instant favorite:

And now it brings us to 2020.

Here we sit just a few weeks before the election and it's deja-vu all over again.

All the polls, all the experts keep telling us that Trump has no chance!

85% chance of losing, they say!

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Heard that tune before.

So here comes Trey Smith with his Trump 2020 prophecy video.

Please enjoy:

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