Crowd Chants “Four More Years!” During President Trump’s First Speech Since Coronavirus Diagnosis

Voter enthusiasm for president Trump is still very high as this video proves!


Hundreds of supporters gathered to listen to President Donald Trump’s first speech since his Covid-19 diagnosis.

President Trump spoke about supporting law enforcement and protecting America from socialism at the ‘peaceful protest,’ as he calles these gatherings.

During the speech, the crowd erupted with chants of “Four more years!”

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Our friends at Fox News have more on Trump's speech:

President Trump on Saturday made his first public appearance at the White House since returning from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this week -- paying tribute to law enforcement and warning of socialism if Democrats win in November.

“We support you, we honor you, it’s a dangerous profession,” he said of law enforcement in what the administration described as a “peaceful protest for law and order. “They’ve been doing an incredible job and I just want to thank them on behalf of everyone here today because that’s why we’re safe.

Trump tested positive Oct. 1 and was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with serious symptoms the next day. He returned to the White House Monday, and has since made a number of virtual appearances on TV and radio, and in videos.

Trump spoke to hundreds of supporters from the White House balcony, during a speech in which he encouraged the crowd them to vote, while hitting Democrats on what he called a calamitous approach to crime and poverty.

He warned of disaster, both in cities and on issues such as fracking, energy and school choice, if Democrats win the White House in November.

“We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation, we cannot let that happen, and that's what would happen...or worse,” he said.

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The large crowd gathered before the speech, as seen in these photos.

Here's to 4 more years!

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