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Symptom Free: Trump Physician Says “No Symptoms” After Libs Share Video of Trump “Gasping” for Breath


Praise the Lord!

President Trump is back in the White House…

And according to his physician, he is symptom free!

That is great news!

The White House doctor has declared that Trump has "no symptoms."

The funny part?

This new report from Trump's physician comes just hours after liberals and Democrats were circulating a conspiracy video.

The video appears to show Trump "gasping" and struggling to breath.

However, the video is open to interpretation.

And anyone who watches Trump speak in the first place knows that he is a heavy breather.

See the video that liberals were sharing:

Of course, that video clip is taken out of context!

It doesn't show that Trump was able to SPEAK with the press without any issues!

Trump also climbed the stairs... BY HIMSELF (Hillary Clinton often had help in 2016). 

Yet, it is the Democrats who are desperate.... so they themselves are GRASPING at straws!

However, facts are facts...

And Trump's doctor declares that he is symptom free!

This is excellent news!

We should all be happy that the leader of the free world has recovered from the Wuhan Virus.

The New York Postconfirms that Trump has no symptoms, according to the White House physician:

President Trump has “no symptoms” of COVID-19 after returning to the White House from the hospital, physician to the president Dr. Sean Conley said Monday.

“He had a restful first night at home, and today he reports no symptoms,” Conley said in a memo released by the White House.

“Vital signs and physical exam remain stable, with an ambulatory oxygen saturation level of 95-97%. Overall he continues to do extremely well.”

Conley wrote that a team of doctors met with Trump on Tuesday morning at the White House to evaluate his condition after he returned on Monday from three nights at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Trump, 74, wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning that he’s “FEELING GREAT” and intends to be in Miami on Oct. 15 for the second presidential debate against Democrat Joe Biden.

“I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” Trump wrote Monday before returning to the White House aboard the Marine One helicopter.

“He’s back,” Conley told reporters at a press conference outside the hospital Monday afternoon.

Conley said Trump was “back to his old self” but “may not be entirely out of the woods” while still positive for the virus that has infected 7.4 million Americans and killed 210,000 since March.

Trump received experimental polyclonal antibodies and oxygen at the White House on Friday after being diagnosed with the virus Thursday. At the hospital, he received doses of the antiviral drug remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone.

We all know that Trump is a fighter!

And he has shown the American people that it is possible to fight back against this plague... and WIN!

What an inspiration!

Things will especially get better once more vaccines and theraputics are developed.

If Trump continues to recover safely... and if he continues to be symptom free, then he will likely be able to debate Biden as scheduled in the coming weeks.

Many people have been wondering what the debate schedule holds.

As of now, everything looks like it will continue as scheduled.

The Hill confirms the statement from the White House doctor:

White House physician Sean Conley said Tuesday that President Trump is reporting “no symptoms” after being discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center during his treatment for the novel coronavirus.

“This morning the President’s team of physicians met with him in the Residence. He had a restful first night at home, and today he reports no symptoms,” Conley wrote in a memorandum issued Tuesday afternoon, less than five days after Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Vital signs and physical exam remain stable, with an ambulatory oxygen saturation level of 95-97%. Overall he continues to do extremely well, I will provide updates as we know more,” Conley wrote.

Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Thursday evening and was transported to Walter Reed on Friday after experiencing a high fever and a drop in his oxygen level that required supplemental oxygen.

Trump has been fever-free since Friday, according to Conley, and otherwise has experienced symptoms of a mild cough, nasal congestion and fatigue.

Conley, who briefed reporters three times over the past three days, consistently described Trump’s symptoms as improving. It is unclear whether Conley, who has evaded some questions about the president’s care and the timeline of his infection, will similarly brief reporters at some point Tuesday on the president’s condition. White House aides have also indicated that Trump could make a public appearance of some kind.

Trump has been treated with an experimental antibody cocktail produced by Regeneron, the antiviral medication remdesivir, and dexamethasone, a steroid used to treat inflammation. Trump was expected to receive his fifth and final dose of remdesivir on Tuesday and will continue to receive dexamethasone.

Conley said Monday that Trump had met or exceeded criteria to be discharged from Walter Reed, though he acknowledged that the president may not be “out of the woods” and said he would be looking for Trump’s condition to remain the same or improve over the coming week.

Continue to pray for Trump, the first lady, and the rest of the Trump administration!

We need everyone healthy to be able to continue to drain the swamp and fight for us over the next four years!


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