Liberals Mock Kayleigh McEnany For Testing Positive For The Coronavirus


This is disturbing.

Kayleigh McEnany recently posted on Twitter she has tested positive for the Coronavirus and liberals were quick to mock the White House Secretary.

Just look at these hateful tweets:

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Folks on Twitter were relentless and kept the blows coming:

If it’s one thing we have learned the last couple days it’s that the far left doesn’t truly care about the well-being of those who have become infected with COVID.

They use statistics to their advantage but when actually people contract the virus they have no sympathy whatsoever.

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Unless they can use it to their political advantage then they will show some sympathy.

You would think after reading all these tweets Kayleigh committed a horrible crime or something.

In reality, she is a mom who caught the Coronavirus who just so happens to be the White House Press Secretary.

Continue to keep her in your prayers and her child too because you know the left won’t.

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